Monday, 31 January 2011


The early morning mist..
was a romantic sight..
Nature at its best..
Welcoming someone with zest..


I drown myself in my past,
and feel so lost..
The feelings unutterable..
Makes my life heavier..
Only to realise how inconsistent life is..
Wanting to be loved & cared for
is only thing one could wish for..
and am no exception..

Eternal Love

When u love someone for a reason, love becomes selfish...
When u love someone for no reason, love becomes eternal...
Life is a complete bliss, when u r in an eternal love....

Sunday, 30 January 2011


A stroll down the memory lane...
Leaves me in pain...
Memories of yesteryears...
Come gushing as tears...
Only true love can ease the mind..
Which is not easy to find...


Life was so good,
When beside me u stood,
But now am in blue,
Thinking how you couldn’t be true.
All the promises made,
Now seem to fade.
For once I saw a smile,
Now seems to be a wile.
My heart bleeds,
At the thought of your deeds.
Why did all this happen,
Am feeling so barren.
I feel so lost without you,
Or is it that I have to shew.
That my love for you is true,
And I cannot survive without you.


Into my world of darkness,
U came as the sunshine..
Into my world of silence,
U came as a melody.
Into my world of sorrows,
U came as happiness.
Into my world of doubts,
U came as an answer.
Into my world of pain,
U came as a solace.
Into my world of solitude,
U came as a companion.
Into my world of dreams,
U came as an angel.