Monday, 12 March 2012


Separated by distance,

Not known to hearts..

The love we share,

Remaining miles apart...

You sure make me feel,

The warmth of love...

Through your promises,

Clinching my heart..

in ways infinite..

Amidst a million...

You shone so bright,

Nuturing me love & hope,

As never before felt,

Falling into the laps...

Of comfort & dreams..

The aura of your love,

With smiles enchanting...

and eyes mystical..

In heavenly raptures..

We sink in our utopia.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

My love etched..

Not on rocks have i carved,
Nor on trees have i chiseled,
Or poems have i penned....
For you my love.

Not a song have i composed,
Nor a picture portrayed,
Or a story scripted.....
For you my love.

Not a marble sculpted,
Nor have i sketched,
Or have i graved...
For you my love.

In heart your name etched,
and your love adorned,
In depths treasured...
For you my love.