Monday, 30 May 2011


Saw it in ur eyes...
Felt it in ur touch....
Realised it in ur heartbeat...
Knew it thru ur kisses...
My heart flutters at ur sight...
Wanting more & more of it...

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Broken heart..

Even b4 we saw each other, we knew each other...
Even b4 we knew each other, we fell in love...
Even b4 we fell in love, we embraced each other...
Even b4 we embraced each other, we felt we are one..
Even b4 we felt we are one, we started living...
Even b4 we started living, we started moving away..
Even b4 moving away, our relationship started breaking...
Even b4 we completely break, I WISH AM DEAD...

Face of the one u love..

In the hour of silence..
A face appears on ur mind..
In the hour of solitude..
A face appears on ur mind..
In the rush of the crowd..
A face appears on ur mind..
In the middle of partying..
A face appears on ur mind..
In the hour of happiness...
A face appears on ur mind..
In the hour of sorrow..
A face appears on ur mind..
In the hour of separation..
A face appears on ur mind..
The one u love, deep within ur self..

Thursday, 12 May 2011


With fingers crossed, 
I keep clinging to the lil hope,
that we would make it,
am not strong to accept,
that u let me down,
but sure, will a day come,
when u realise my love..
for i had my heart & soul,
into everything i said & did...

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I believe u..

When u said u love me for eternity,
I believed you..
When u said u will be with me forever,
I believed you... 
When u said i mean the world to u..
I believed you..
When u said u are privileged to have me,
I believed you...
When u said u care for my feelings,
I believed you...
Now u say all that isnt true,
Now what should i believe??

Monday, 9 May 2011

Moments of Solitude..

Loving the moments of solitude,
surrounded by silence,
& just your thoughts..
I recollect the past memories..
& live with you in those moments..
When we were alone in,
our world of love...
Most wonderful moments of my life,
If only i could go back & remain there.
with just you & me..
& our love..

Then & now..

Then, love was in the air,
Now, a distant dream..
Then, saw passion in your eyes,
Now, the most incompassionate..
Then, your smile made me live,
Now, it makes me die..
Then, your thoughts made my face glow,
Now, it makes me sob..
Then, you held me close to you,
Now, you seem to move away..
Then, i was a lively person,
Now, am living death...


My mind travels like a wild horse,
not knowing the destiny.
It is your silence that haunts my soul,
making thoughts fragile,
my emotions become scars,
blocking my senses,
but it is you & your thoughts,
that still dominate my senses...