Tuesday, 29 November 2011


The beauty of night,
Bejeweled with stars twinkling.
Gazing at the serenity,
of clouds meandering..
Silvery & fairy like..
emerges the orb in grandeur,
even as it waxes & wanes...
unfail to capture the beauty.
Clouds drifting away..
unveiling the glowing moon.
As the auroral orb,
flaunts on the clear night sky..
The sounds of night,
Breezily sings a lullaby.

Sunday, 27 November 2011


The month of May,

to cherish was a day..

Little did i know the pain,

seeing my angel beam..

making me forget the world,

but the angelic smile..

my daughter flashed..

You endowed me a gift,

most precious of all..

Everyday is a bliss,

Pure as this..

is no other bond,

making us more fond..

For in you i saw,

A world of love..

I owe you my life,

for this motherhood..