Saturday, 30 June 2012


Dreaded dreams filled.

the numbness of my heart.

Parting though inevitable,

painful beyond words...

The mourns get faded,

as days become bygone.

Tears get dried up,

and life moves on..

leaving the burdens,

buried in the past.

Where none sees the,

wailing heart bleeding.

Scars go unnoticed.

Remaining forever...

Until death wipes out,

the scar from the,

World of pains.

Thursday, 5 April 2012


The colours of sunset,
in ravishing radiance...
of yellow & orange..
glistening through the,
waves of the ocean.
The magnificent orb,
as it sinks in tranquillity.
The horizon adorning...
the sky beauteously...
forming a divine halo.
The relaxing winds swiping,
through the waters rippling.
Listening to the silence,
of the setting sun..
and the feel of sand..
drifting beneath my feet,
Adoring the glorifying star,
I resume my sojourn.

Monday, 12 March 2012


Separated by distance,

Not known to hearts..

The love we share,

Remaining miles apart...

You sure make me feel,

The warmth of love...

Through your promises,

Clinching my heart..

in ways infinite..

Amidst a million...

You shone so bright,

Nuturing me love & hope,

As never before felt,

Falling into the laps...

Of comfort & dreams..

The aura of your love,

With smiles enchanting...

and eyes mystical..

In heavenly raptures..

We sink in our utopia.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

My love etched..

Not on rocks have i carved,
Nor on trees have i chiseled,
Or poems have i penned....
For you my love.

Not a song have i composed,
Nor a picture portrayed,
Or a story scripted.....
For you my love.

Not a marble sculpted,
Nor have i sketched,
Or have i graved...
For you my love.

In heart your name etched,
and your love adorned,
In depths treasured...
For you my love.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Not known to me was it...
that love could be so good,
Until you showered it on me,
across the horizons...
across the vast skies 
and the seven seas...
breaking the barriers..
the cupid piercing hearts..
and Venus singing...
into our hearts of love...
making love immortal..
for all i have is truly..
Unto death my love for thee.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Lets grow old together

Memories of togetherness,
Cherished in our hearts,
In a paradise of love…
Will be the moments,
Of sheer serenity…
The thoughts of you make,
My heart beat rapidly..
An ocean of love,
Can I see in your eyes.
My soul burns at the,
Touch of your finger tips…
Gushing blood through viens.
My mind whispered that….
You are my man…
Thanking the divine will,
For brining us together.
Now I know, for sure…
What soul mates mean.
We cuddle into each other,
And start a journey…
Sailing into the depths,
Of our hearts & souls..
You whisper into my ears…
Lets grow old together…

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Mysteries of love unravelled,
Capturing hearts of beloved..
None can refrain from..
the pangs of the love..
as in indulgence alike...
The sparks of love within,
In love glows the face..
Hearts & souls dandle...
Slurping lips in ecstasy..
Unravelling more charms...
to explore & explode..
Tranced in idyllic move..
Savouring the nectars of love.
Gratifying the yearnings,
Losing ourselves in the lap,
of unfolded passions.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Bashfully i stand...

in front of thy love..

It was so offering..

You & your love..

Until i knew you..

Love was a mirage.

You came into my life

To prove your love.

Filling my days,

With a smile that rays.

A feel so pure..

Yet so strong..

That has erupted,

our hearts to...

Unite as one..

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Miles apart

Your words swiped me off...

The sweet nothing whispers,

Still rings in my heart...

I close my eyes and...

feel you near me...

The warm smile & hug..

Everything around me ..

Reminds of you, my love..

U made me realise..

Love can be far, yet near..

Miles may part us..

Making us more fonder...

As a knight u conquered ..

my heart with love...

I know you will..

remain close to my heart.

I dont need to see or touch..

To feel the real you...

For you have touched ..

my heart a thousand ways..

making me feel ..

the warmth of your love,

with unknown passions..

remaining miles away..

Monday, 6 February 2012


Whimpering hearts...
Miles apart...
Sleepless nights...
Unquenched dreams..
Throbbing minds..
Dreams infinite...
Burning desires...
Virtual togetherness...
Satisfying souls....

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Passionate Desires

A lost wanderer was i...

until you found my soul.

with words so enchanting,

you whispered words of love,

unspoken & unheard of...

Bringing a whole new world,

filled with joy within..

Unfolding our hearts,

in ecstasy & endearment..

My heart quivers as you,

embrace me gently...

The touch of your skin,

burns my passion...

As your lips touch mine,

We splurge in love,

Quenching our desires...