Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Miles apart

Your words swiped me off...

The sweet nothing whispers,

Still rings in my heart...

I close my eyes and...

feel you near me...

The warm smile & hug..

Everything around me ..

Reminds of you, my love..

U made me realise..

Love can be far, yet near..

Miles may part us..

Making us more fonder...

As a knight u conquered ..

my heart with love...

I know you will..

remain close to my heart.

I dont need to see or touch..

To feel the real you...

For you have touched ..

my heart a thousand ways..

making me feel ..

the warmth of your love,

with unknown passions..

remaining miles away..


  1. Very beautiful and so full of love.

  2. Thank you Janaki:)
    I really am overwhelmed at your response, every time i post my poem, its you who take the first initiative to comment on it...a spl thanks for making me feel good:)

  3. Lovely :)..I never knew you write so well Chechi!

    1. Thank you dear:)
      I just write what comes to my mind.
      Anu i feel so happy to have u here, regards to achan, amma & Rajesh:)

  4. A beautiful love poem. Time and distance fade away when you truly love someone and you encompassed that essence so well in this poem Deepa.