Thursday, 23 February 2012

Lets grow old together

Memories of togetherness,
Cherished in our hearts,
In a paradise of love…
Will be the moments,
Of sheer serenity…
The thoughts of you make,
My heart beat rapidly..
An ocean of love,
Can I see in your eyes.
My soul burns at the,
Touch of your finger tips…
Gushing blood through viens.
My mind whispered that….
You are my man…
Thanking the divine will,
For brining us together.
Now I know, for sure…
What soul mates mean.
We cuddle into each other,
And start a journey…
Sailing into the depths,
Of our hearts & souls..
You whisper into my ears…
Lets grow old together…


  1. In simple touched my heart dear.....keep up the good work :-)following ur space.ldoncheck out my blog sometime n let me know ur feedback!


    1. Thank u Sonali. Shall surely chk your blog & get back to you....

  2. Beautiful write my friend...I enjoyed this very much...Love, Jon

    1. Thanks a lot Jon, loved your blog, Pathways too a lot..
      Its a privilege to have you here:)

  3. I LOVE this. I really like the particular style that you write in. Also, very good flow. I also love the phrase, "Cuddling into eachother." Two becoming one. Very heartfelt. Great writing!

    1. It feels so good to have you here & makes me more happier to know you liked it...Thanks a lot Nathan :)