Wednesday, 23 February 2011


The whispering passions,
The soft unspoken words of love,
The meaningful depth in the eyes,
The trembling lips,
The burning touches,
The breathless kisses,
All common in love,
But yet unique in each,
Making love ageless & eternal.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


The sparkle of your eyes,
The sound of your voice,
The touch of your hand,
The warmth of your skin,
Make me want you more & more…
Your compassionate embrace,
Your breath on my neck,
Your kiss on my lips,
Your gentle strokes,
Make me want you more & more…
The tender loving words,
The love in your eyes,
The passionate kisses,
The expressive looks,
All make me want you more & more.

Evergreen Love

My heart would always treasure
Your thoughts as it is my pleasure.
You showed me a whole new world,
For without you my heart whirled.
I can feel you in the depth of my soul,
It is your thoughts that make me console.
Each moment wanting to be with you,
Is the only thing I long to do.
As each day pass by,
The urge to be with you goes high.
I just wish our love stays evergreen,
And lives days umpteen…

I felt...

The moment I saw you,
I felt I had known you for years.
The moment I spoke to you,
I felt I had known you for ages.
The moment I fell in love with you,
I felt I had known you in my past life,
The moment you said your love for me,
I felt that you were the one for me.
The moment we felt each other,
I felt we were meant to be together forever.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


My hand longs to be held by your hands,
My ear longs to hear your sweet whispers,
My heart longs to be with you,
My feet longs to walk alongside yours,
My shoulder longs to lean on yours,
My lips long to be kissed by yours,
My eyes long to catch your glimpse,
My mind longs to think only about you,
My hair longs to feel your gentle strokes,
My head longs to rest on your chest,
My fingers long to get the warmth of your touch,
My heart beat longs to beat along with yours,
My nose longs to smell your breath,
My neck longs for your sweet kisses,
My heart longs to know, you are mine forever…


Knowing you was a blessing,  
Being with you was a boon,
Falling in love with you was a grace,
    Being loved by you is a complete bliss.

Love hurts?

Love hurts... isn't it wrong? 
Love doesn't hurt...
It is the people.. who hurt..
In the name of love...