Tuesday, 7 June 2011

passion burns the soul..

Thy passion burns my soul,
Thou knows not how it overwhelms,
Love conveyed through silence,
Hath more sway,
When eyes meet eyes,
Speaking infinite thoughts,
The heart knows the quiver,
Letting out the cadence loud & clear,
The dawn & dusk alike,
A treat for my soul,
The night as deep as you,
Convey as deep as your eyes,
Arousing the senses within me,
Touching the most beautiful vision,
Untouched by the lovers love,
As you lusciously envelope me,
Fructifying my yearning soul.


  1. well written and very romantic.. I started following you.. I think we might have another great poetess joining us


  2. Thanks a lot Jim..your comment is indeed very encouraging :) Will surely check your blog right now :)

  3. Jaanu, thanks a lot dear.. :)