Thursday, 7 July 2011

My dear mom..

The love you showered..
would always be enshrined..
from the day i was born..
to the day you left me..
days spent in pure love..
can never be recouped..
you gave me life & love..
you lead me through..
paths of love & courage..
you wiped my tears..
and gave me your shoulder..
In love, pain & failure..
always standing beside me..
For we share a bond..
the most purest of all..
You enchanted me..
with a love so pure..
No love would supersede..
the love u gave me..
Rankle the day..
doom yanked you from me.
But ur love dear mom..
will dwell in my heart forever..


  1. that is the real feelings,people want to do and say from hearts ..