Thursday, 25 August 2011


Every portrait reminds me
Of ur face so enchanting
Leaving me spellbound
Every look reminds me
Of ur eyes so stentorious
Leaving me enthralled
Every voice reminds me
Of ur talk so mushy
Leaving me amorous
The cool breeze reminds me
Of ur touch so passionate
Leaving me fascinated
Every place, cozy reminds me
Of ur hug so warm
Leaving me enamored
Every rain drop reminds me
Of ur soft lips on mine
Leaving me desirous.


  1. very romantic poem indeed, Deepa. i felt a touch of nostalgia, remembering his aroma, his touch, feeling him everywhere.

    passion is overflowing like a brook down the hill.

  2. Thanks a lot Sancheetha, loved your comment..:)

  3. I wish I have something that would remind me of him but all these are in my dreams and imagination. Just the same, your description is very tangible.

    Loved it :)

  4. Thanks a lot Melissa, these are my dreams & imaginations long as one has dreams, it gives way to imagination..& am happy to know i could describe it in a very tangible manner :)